Professional and skilled medical services
for any event, for any venue

Fleet from Side

Fleet From Back
The Medical and Safety has a fleet of medical vehicles to suit all your response or stationary first aid station requirements.

Our custom designed 30 foot first aid trailer. We can be fully functional in 30 minutes. This station provides a private treatment area for your guests.

Trailer with Full Awning
For larger treatment needs we also have a fully floored and enclosed treatment area.

We have 5 different, custom designed, response carts with different power plants to suit your needs no matter the size of the venue.

Animated Cart

Our carts are not the off the lot type, they were custom designed to our specifications.
All response carts are equipped with a full size ambulance style gurney, backboard, AED, breakaway flat, trauma bag, splinting equipment, and patient lights.

To ensure safe movement in your event we have also equipped all the carts with emergency lights and sirens and horns to warn your participants of a moving vehicle.
This becomes important when your participants do not expect to encounter a moving vehicle..

Cart 1 Propaine
Cart 1, propane powered, great for the large indoor outdoor venues.

Cart 2 Electric
Cart 2, Powered by an electric motor, perfect for the enclosed venue.

Cart 5 Electric
Cart 3, Powered by an electric motor, perfect for the enclosed venue.

Cart 4 Gasoline
Cart 4, Powered by a gasoline motor, perfect for a large outdoor venue.

Medical Support Cart, Gasoline powered with enclosed rear compartment.