Q: Does MSMI offer Advanced Life Support services?
A: MSMI can provide ALS through our staff physicians, registered nurses or through our partnership with a local ALS ambulance company.

Q: How does MSMI calculate cost and medical resources needed for an event?
A: Resources and costs are based the numerous factors including the size of the event, risk assessment, location and promoter or talent requests.

Q: How many MSMI staff members are needed at an event?
A: Staffing varies depending on the size of the event, risk factors and venue or promoter request.

Q: Is MSMI available for service outside of the Los Angeles/Orange County area?
A: MSMI has staff available in various counties in California including Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, Ventura, Kern, Riverside and San Bernardino. Additional fees for lodging may apply.

The average response time for an emergency can be greater than eight minutes for an emergency crew to arrive on scene. Having MSMI on-site will ensure a much quicker response time for immediate medical care.

MSMI has a staff that consists of Emergency Medical Technicians, Registered Nurses and Physicians that can provide immediate first aid and emergency medical care. Our staff provides all equipment needed for quick response which includes: radios, medical supplies, automatic defibrillators (AED’s), oxygen and at some events medical response carts and/or a medical trailer. MSMI can also supply over-the-counter medications if the need arises. We cover a wide variety which includes: sporting events, county fairs, indoor and outdoor concerts, celebrity events, movie shoots and corporate functions. We are very proactive when it comes to the safety of all patrons so they can enjoy the event that they are there to see. MSMI can handle all your needs regardless of the type or size of the event.

MSMI can provide medical personnel on foot, stationed in a first aid station or on our medical response carts. We specialize in corporate events, street and county fairs, special events, concerts, movie shoots or any other events that require medical staff.

MSMI is pleased to offer a variety of physicians that can cover events where there may be a high risk for injuries or illnesses. Our physicians also carry some drugs that can temporally help out event patrons that have minor medical issues such as the flu, migraines, nausea, and vomiting. These drugs help so they don’t have to leave the event and allows them to follow up with their own physician the next day.

MSMI offers emergency medical services for executives or celebrities. If you have a formal event or a celebrity event and we are there, we can be in a tuxedo or street wear so as not to be noticed. The medical care will be our very best!

Our medical carts are custom made and can go where ambulances cannot; grassy fields, crowds, tight quarters or concourses in stadiums. MSMI medical carts are equipped with a backboard, gurney, AED and medical supplies. The carts also have emergency lights and sirens. Our carts can be used to extricate patients to a waiting ambulance for rapid transport to a hospital. The medical carts can also be used to transport a patient to their personal vehicle as a courtesy or transport them to a first aid station for treatment.